Ronan Dec

Ronan Dec


Early he is enthusiastic about sounds of Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode. Electronic music moves in the course of the nineties strongly in his musical focus. It followed first Techno- Vinyl’s, 1210th and Ronan begins on to put on the events Djing becomes quick (musical) routine and Ronan begins since the year 2000 with the production of own tracks. First experimental releases occurred about Taktalsmittel, a net label of the first ones that was founded by Ronan together with his friends Org and Summer in 2004. Taktalsmittel concentrates mainly on publication more experimentally electronic music. With his in 2008 Hirnwald EP lands he among other things in the net label blog from De:Bug. To follow after his passion for straight groovy techno-, house- and minimal tunes. Ronan released since 2008 on 4CR, a new label that he founded with his friend Vesperman.


Agency: XFM media


The artist

Nationality: Germany