Blaues Licht

Blaues Licht


Blaues Licht is a collaboration of 2 DJs and producers named Spieljunge and Edwood. Both are producing and djing for more than 10 years. In their starting times they often played gigs together in various clubs and on several events. Later both of them passed different musical growths and played separately across the middle of Germany for several years. Spieljunge made waves on House Floors all over middle Germany; he always added own tracks and bootlegs to his sets. It’s not just about playing records the whole night… it’s about Entertainment! He got the opportunity to become Resident DJ for the successful “strezzkidz” – Booking and Event Team and hence in one of the most amazing locations of middle Germany, the “Sandsteinhoehlen” near Halberstadt in Saxony-Anhalt. The location is well known for spectacular events for electronic dance music like “Ton aus Strom” all over Germany. Edwood experienced his favour for rocking and mind breaking Electro sounds in the meantime. He produced marvellous tracks and played amazing Electro sets in several locations as well. He also created exploding sound sets for several synthesizers. Together with the 4Club Records guys he set up a completely new Radio Show – The DJ’s x-Files. Until today the fortnightly show on Radio HBW 92.5 UKW is one of the most successful Dance Music Shows in the coverage. As the presenter of the show he invited several guests from different styles of electronic music. Even live acts played along in his shows. Of course both of them were still in contact all the years as they have a mighty friendship. They teamed up again to play a unique set at the 2007 Birthday Party of Spieljunge in Wilhelmshall. They looked for a funny name while a Rambo movie was shown on TV. The name “Blaues Licht” was born. They played an exciting set sophisticated with vocal parts of the marvellous vocalist B. Bringer. Most of the crowd on the dance floor did not even recognise that Anthony Rother’s Don’t Worry and Codec & Flexor’s Time Has Changed were performed live as the vocals perfectly met to the sound.Although this set was quite “housy” they soon developed their own Blaues Licht sound. It’s not just simple minimal house or minimal techno… their sets are surprising, rocking and mind breaking. Own productions are always part of their sets. Their releases like Osiris or the Blaues Licht Remix of Ronan Dec’s Neon Nylon did not stay undiscovered very long. They received amazing feedback from several labels and famous dj and producers. Until now the 2 freaky guys are residents of the strezzkidz team and they play sets on a regular basis at the different events in the Harz region and all over Germany.


Agency: Spielstaub

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Nationality: Germany