No Reputation to Lose

No Reputation to Lose

Label: 16Steps Records

Release date: 2011-12-15

Catalog number: 16SR002

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No Reputation To Lose feat. Sarah Fietzek (Patrice Milan Remix)
Patrice Milan, Tobias Nawrath
No Reputation To Lose feat. Sarah Fietzek (DJ Backslash Remix)
DJ Backslash, Tobias Nawrath
No Reputation To Lose feat. Sarah Fietzek (Original Mix)
Tobias Nawrath

No reputation to Lose – With this clear message Tobias Nawrath and Sarah Fietzek will probably mix up the crowd on the dance floor of your favorite clubs right now! Fluffy and yet with enough pressure and high-energy vocals, flying over driving electro-house beats, Tobias Nawrath sense proves the great moments that occur when technical music meets the warm, living emotion. “No reputation to Lose” – this is title and program, says Tobias Nawrath:”No reputation to Lose” is about to gain a kind of independence and self-confidence. This is an easy-all that no matter what was in the past, what was talked about one, what went wrong, misinterpreted or used against what was and is. It is now experienced enough to take matters into their own hands to make decisions and act. We may also sometimes act wrongly without the others always have to evaluate. Actually, we’ve got no reputation to lose – or don´t we?” This emancipated musical understanding is also tied in with the DJ Backslash Remix. He is known for sweeping walls of thick Arpeggios overlying pumping, no-frills techno beats. Almost orchestral, in any case with a clear commitment to melody and sweeping emotion, DJ Backslash puts the warm voice of Sarah Fietzek over a true cascade of chords and massive surfaces. An avalanche of beats, vocals and driving synth sequences occurs Patrice Milans remix: progressive, stamping, with an almost defiant attitude that wants one thing: pulling you on the dance floor!